Nova Comet II Midi Lathe Reviews

nova comet ii
Most woodworkers really do not require a full-size lathe, especially those who have smaller shops. So, for anybody who does smaller scale turning – door handles, drawer pulls, pens, tool handles, and the like - a benchtop, or midi lathe, is definitely an affordable substitute. A midi lathe is even perfect for anybody who is new to woodturning, or hobbyist turners who work mainly with small diameter stock.
With a lot of people starting to utilize wood lathes at houses, these days, mini lathes are simply becoming the PCs. Even the JET JWL 1221VS wood lathe falls into this same category because of its capacities that are ideal for the DIYers, professionals and the hobbyists as well. Because of its compact size, the JET 1221VS wood lathe is a famous tabletop model perfect for light and medium level wood lathing by daily and also the occasional users.

Nova Comet II Midi Lathe Features & Review

Powerful variable speed motor

One of the best features of the Nova Comet II midi lathe is a strong variable speed motor which provides with an RPM range from 250 to 4000 RPM with a super-lower speed to a super-higher speed, which makes this lathe the ideal option for different projects from bowls to pens.

Forward & Reverse switches

These switches make this lathe extra flexible and enable you to accomplish a premium finish.

3-step pulley system

Its 3-step pulley system provides with various speed ranges alongside offering optimal flexibility. Generally, the middle step offers ample range for many woodturning applications; however, the extra two steps offer more torque for the more critical applications.

Swing capacity

This midi lathe has 16.5” capacity between centers and 12” swing capacity over the bed. This capacity basically extends with bed extension accessories.
nova comet ii midi lathe

Versaturn Adaptable Technology accessories

This technology is unique to NOVA Comet II. In addition to the Versaturn Coupler, these accessories allow you to turn your NOVA Comet II midi lathe into a 6” wire brush and a grinding wheel.

NOVA Comet SKU 47001 bed extension

It allows the Comet II for being extended in length, and it is ideal for longer spindle projects.

NOVA SKU 47050 Comet Stand

This feature allows this midi lathe for being mounted on a stand. The stand has a rugged tubular adjustable and steel design, offering and stable and mobile work support for the Comet II. It also comes with v-style legs which enable more room under the midi lathe for easy maneuvering.

NOVA SKU 48232 Comet II Reversible Chuck

The reversible chuck is exclusively available for the NOVA Comet II midi lathe, which is locked on the spindle for use in forward and reverse.
nova comet ii
Inexpensive and great value for money
Excellent work with strong motors on smaller projects
Outstanding customer service
Great option for new woodturner
Noiseless motor and solid design
Lightweight and good swing capacity
Slow speed range with not that much smooth operation
Occasional belt slippage issues
It gives warranty for 2 years only

Customer review and rating on Amazon

With more than 20 positive reviews and a rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars on, the NOVA Comet II 46301 Midi lathe has been found really appreciated by the buyers. Customers are highly satisfied with its excellent hassle-free service. There is hardly any complaint you will find regarding this midi lathe. So, you can consider this midi wood lathe as one of the best midi lathes to be used.



Thereby, considering all these excellent features, we can confidently recommend the NOVA Comet II 46301 midi lathe to all cabinet and furniture makers who just require a lathe for smaller woodturning projects and also to the hobbyist turners, pen turners and the people who are new to woodturning.
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